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In partnership with the Enfield, Elmsdale & District Lions Club, and with the support of the Municipality of East Hants, and the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, Enfield RFC is excited to announce our plans to make improvements to the Breagh MacNeil Memorial Field.

We are beginning a four-part construction project that will improve the quality of the existing playing surface, allow for an extension of the size of the field to match World Rugby standards, address water and drainage issues along two sides of the field, and address the much storied “dip” at the goal line.






  1. Extending south end of field and in-goal area and relocating portions of existing trail;

  2. Adding drainage ditching along length of field;

  3. Leveling existing playing surface, then topping and seeding field;

  4. Extending north end of field, and adding draining to in-goal;





Grants and Original Phase 1 Totals: $17,710

  • Municipality of East Hants (East Hants District Recreation Grant): $8855

  • Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage (Community Recreation Capital Grant Program): $5000

  • Committed from Enfield RFC: $3855 


Estimated "Big Picture" Project Total Cost: $46,600

  • Additional funds committed by Enfield RFC

  • Sponsorship from E-Commerce Solutions by Canucks Inc.

Current Fundraising Goal: $10,000

Considering supporting the project?  Here are some ways to help visualize where your donation would go:

  • $125 - Bag of fertilizer

  • $155 - Bag of grass seed

  • $300 - Load of crusher dust

  • $350 - Load of top soil

  • $375 - Load of clear stone

If you would like to make a contribution to the field project, please fill out our google form here, and you can submit your donation via e-transfer to or by clicking the 'Donate' button above to use Paypal.



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