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“…for Indigenous athletes to continue to thrive, they need to have access to the mainstream sport system—while having their unique needs supported as Indigenous athletes.” 

Engaging Indigenous Participants SPORT ORGANIZATION GUIDE


“The ASC [Aboriginal Sport Circle] strives for:


  • Healthier, more active Aboriginal peoples in vibrant communities that are fully engaged in sport, recreation, and physical activity;

  • National systems that systemically include Aboriginal peoples and organizations in strategies, initiatives, programs and services;

  • Provincial/territorial and local capacity development that serves the unique needs of Aboriginal peoples at community levels;

  • Adequately resourced sport, physical activity and recreation systems that are culturally appropriate and enable Aboriginal peoples to achieve success from the playground to the podium;

  • Finally, these outcomes have a positive impact on broader sector agendas including, but not limited to, economic development, health, mental health, environment, and justice for all”


Aboriginal Sport Circle - Interview with Olympian Waneek Horne Miller, who talks about her story as an indigenous athlete, the power of sport, mental health and the North American Indigenous Games


Aboriginal Coaching Modules (

Education and Training Tools - Canadian Race Relations Foundation 

“The work of the Foundation is premised on the desire to create and nurture an inclusive society based on equity, social harmony, mutual respect and human dignity. Its underlying principle in addressing racism and racial discrimination emphasizes positive race relations and the promotion of shared Canadian values of human rights and democratic institutions. It strives to coordinate and cooperate with all sectors of society, and develop partnerships with relevant agencies and organizations at the local, provincial and national levels.”(Education and Training)

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